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The ordinance codified in this chapter is an emergency ordinance affecting, and for the immediate preservation of, the public peace, health, safety, comfort and general welfare and the same therefore shall become effective immediately upon the final passage and adoption thereof. The facts constituting its urgency are as follows:

The City of Sebastopol has heretofore and on November 16, 1952, adopted Ordinance No. 358 of said City for the purpose of protecting the master street and highway plan of said City. Said master street and highway plan, among other things, designates McKinley Street in the City of Sebastopol as a major street. Said street is, as of the date hereof, of insufficient width to accept and discharge the flow of traffic thereon, which condition presents a continuing hazard to the public use of said street. The immediate preservation of public peace, safety, comfort and convenience requires the widening of said McKinley Street at the earliest possible moment that the existing hazard might be eliminated. Applications for permits to construct improvements upon properties facing said street have been made and will in the future be received by the Planning Commission and the Council of said City. If such permits are granted without the provision contained therein for proper setbacks to be made in the construction of said improvements the purpose and intent of the master street and highway plan will be defeated.