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A. Nonessential Uses. No customer of the City shall use or permit the use of potable water from the City for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural, or other purpose for the following nonessential uses:

1. The washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots and other hard-surfaced areas by direct hosing, except as may be necessary to properly dispose of flammable or other dangerous liquids or substances, wash away spills that present a trip and fall hazard, or to prevent or eliminate materials dangerous to the public health and safety;

2. The escape of water through breaks or leaks within the customer’s plumbing or private distribution system for any substantial period of time within which such break or leak should reasonably have been discovered and corrected. It shall be presumed that a period of 72 hours after the customer discovers such a break or leak or receives notice from the City is a reasonable time within which to correct such break or leak or, at a minimum, to stop the flow of water from such break or leak;

3. Irrigation in a manner or to an extent which allows excessive runoff of water or unreasonable overspray of the areas being watered. Every customer is deemed to have his/her water system under control at all times, to know the manner and extent of his/her water use and any runoff, and to employ available alternatives to apply irrigation water in a reasonably efficient manner;

4. Washing cars, boats, trailers or other vehicles and machinery directly with a hose not equipped with a shutoff nozzle;

5. Water for nonrecycling decorative water fountains;

6. Water for single-pass evaporative cooling systems for air conditioning in all connections installed after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, unless required for health or safety reasons;

7. Water for new nonrecirculating conveyor car wash systems; and

8. Water for new nonrecirculating industrial clothes wash systems.

B. Exempt Water Uses. All water use associated with the operation and maintenance of fire suppression equipment or employed by the City for water quality flushing and sanitation purposes shall be exempt from the provisions of this section. Use of water supplied by a private well or from a reclaimed wastewater, gray water or rainwater utilization system is also exempt. (Ord. 1070 § 1, 2014)