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Whenever the program leader finds that a person has violated a prohibition or failed to meet a requirement of this chapter, the program leader may order compliance by written notice of violation to the responsible person. Such notice may require without limitation:

A. The performance of monitoring, analyses, and reporting;

B. The elimination of illicit connections or discharges;

C. That violating discharges, practices, or operations shall cease and desist;

D. The abatement or remediation of stormwater pollution or contamination hazards and the restoration of any affected property;

E. Payment of a fine to cover administrative and remediation costs;

F. The implementation of source control or treatment BMPs.

If abatement of a violation and/or restoration of affected property is required, the notice shall set forth a deadline within which such remediation or restoration must be completed. Said notice shall further advise that, should the violator fail to remediate or restore within the established deadline, the work will be done by the City or a contractor designated by the program leader and the expense thereof shall be charged to the violator. (Ord. 1068, 2014)