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A. The State Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted a particulate matter (PM10) Ambient Air Quality Standard (AAQS) in December 1982, and levels for the PM10 AAQS were selected pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 17, and Section 70200 to protect the health of people who are sensitive to exposure to particulate matter.

B. Research indicates that wood smoke is a contributor to PM10 levels and poses significant health risks to the public.

C. The City Council desires to lessen the risk to human health and environment caused by pollution from wood-burning appliances.

D. A need exists to adopt regulations that apply to wood-burning combustion emissions.

E. The proposed ordinance will minimize the increase in particulate emissions from future installation of certain wood-burning appliances, and will decrease particulate emissions by the removal of certain wood-burning appliances at the time of remodel. The ordinance further provides for removal of certain wood-burning appliances at the time of property sale.