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“Bay Area Air Quality Management District” means the air quality agency for the San Francisco Bay Area pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code.

“EPA” means the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

“EPA certified wood heaters” means any wood heater that meets the standard in 40 CFR Part 60.530, Subpart AAA in effect at the time of installation and is certified and labeled pursuant to those regulations. An EPA certified wood heater may be freestanding, built-in, or is an insert within a fireplace.

“Fireplace” means any permanently installed masonry or factory-built wood-burning appliance designed to be used with an air-to-fuel ratio greater than or equal to 35 to one.

“Garbage” means all solid, semi-solid and liquid wastes generated from residential, commercial and industrial sources, including trash, refuse, rubbish, industrial wastes, asphalted products, manure, vegetable or animal solids, and semisolid wastes.

“Gas fireplace” means any masonry or factory-built fireplace in which a device that has been designed to burn natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas in a manner that simulates the appearance of burning wood has been permanently installed so the burner pan and associated equipment are affixed to the masonry or metal base of the fireplace.

“Insert” means any wood heater designed to be installed in an existing masonry or factory-built fireplace.

“Paint solvents” means all original solvents sold or used to thin paints or clean up painting equipment.

“Paints” means all exterior and interior house and trim paints, enamels, varnishes, lacquers, stains, primers, sealers, undercoatings, roof coatings, wood preservatives, shellacs, and other paints or paint-like products.

“Pellet-fueled heater” means any appliance that operates exclusively on solid fuel pellets.

“Solid fuel” means wood or any other nongases or nonliquid fuel.

“Temporary sole source” means the use of a wood-burning appliance determined to be temporary as determined by the Building and Safety Department of the City of Sebastopol.

“Treated wood” means wood of any species that has been chemically impregnated, painted or similarly modified to improve resistance to insects or decay.

“Waste petroleum product” means any petroleum product other than fuels that has been refined from crude oil, and has been used or has been contaminated with physical or chemical impurities.

“Wood-burning appliance” means a fireplace, wood heater, or pellet-fired heater or similar device burning solid fuel used for aesthetic or space-heating purposes.

“Wood heater” means an enclosed, wood-burning appliance capable of and intended for space heating that meets all the following criteria:

1. An air-to-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber averaging less than 35 to one as determined by the test procedures prescribed and approved by the Building Official;

2. A usable firebox volume less than 20 cubic feet (0.57 cubic meters);

3. A minimum burn rate less than 11 pounds per hour (kilograms per hour); and

4. A maximum weight of less than 1,760 pounds (800 kilograms). For the purpose of this chapter, fixtures and devices that are normally sold separately, such as flue pipe, chimney and masonry components that are not an integral part of the appliance or heat distribution ducting do not count as part of the appliance weight.