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Uses of citations are as follows:

A. Citations shall be used where a violation of a specific section of the appropriate code or ordinance has occurred.

B. Documentation establishing prior efforts to gain compliance by the responsible City department or enforcement official shall be in evidence. Citations issued for violations which present a transient violation or an imminent life hazard such as trespassing in a closed area, smoking in closed or restricted areas, failure to obey lawful orders, faulty equipment or procedures, dangerous conditions and violations of a similar nature will not require prior justification.

C. Issuing person shall be qualified as required by State law.

D. The date to appear as shown on the citation shall be as set forth by the local court from the date of issuance.

E. Whenever the issuing person questions the uncertainty of releasing the violator upon signing the citation on his promise to appear, the assistance of a police officer should be requested.

F. All violations shall be indicated on the citation with reference to the appropriate code or regulations, including the specific section number.

G. All violations as shown on the citation shall be explained to the violator prior to his signing.