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A. A committee consisting of the Building Official, Planning Director and City Engineer shall be empowered to review requests for exceptions from the requirements of this chapter.

B. Following a public hearing noticed consistent with the requirements of Chapter 17.460 SMC the Planning Commission shall act on the exception request. In acting upon such applications, the Commission shall consider technical evaluations, standards specified in other sections of this chapter and the following:

1. Whether an alternative approach to improvements would meet the intent of this chapter;

2. Whether the site configuration, slopes, or existing improvements create unique constraints relative to strict compliance with the requirements of this chapter;

3. Whether the improvements will be located on a small parcel contiguous to and surrounded by parcels with existing structures which vary from the requirements of this chapter;

4. Requirements imposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act;

5. The compatibility of the proposed use and improvements with existing and anticipated development;

6. The relationship of the proposed use to the General Plan and zoning designations for that area;

7. The safety of access to the property in times of flood for ordinary and emergency vehicles;

8. The costs of providing public services during and after flood conditions, including maintenance and repair of public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, electrical and water systems and streets and bridges.

C. Upon consideration of the factors specified in the foregoing subsection the Committee may approve, approve with conditions such as they deem necessary to further the purposes of this chapter or deny the request.

D. The decision of the Planning Commission on applications shall be subject to appeal to the City Council within five working days from issuance of a written determination pursuant to the provisions set forth in Chapter 17.455 SMC. Upon appeal any decision of the City Council shall be final.