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A. No land may be subdivided or developed for a purpose which is inconsistent with the City’s General Plan, any applicable specific plan, SMC Title 17, Zoning, or other applicable provisions of the City code.

B. The type and intensity of land use as shown on the General Plan, any applicable specific plan and SMC Title 17, Zoning, shall determine, together with the State Subdivision Map Act and the requirements of this chapter, the type of streets, roads, highways, utilities and other public services that shall be provided by the subdivider.

C. The City may not approve a subdivision of land unless the subdivider establishes that the subdivision and construction of improvements will be appropriately timed and phased such that the development will be supported by adequate facilities and services, and such that appropriate measures can be taken to mitigate adverse environmental impacts. Adequacy of facilities and services shall be determined in accord with (1) the planned long-term build-out of the community as provided in capital improvement programs in which facilities are actually available or funded, and (2) the General Plan element in effect at the time of considering the application.