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A. Building Official. The Building Official shall make a determination that the proposed on-site improvements which are not required as a condition of tentative map approval are consistent with the current building regulations and standards and shall be responsible for the inspection and approval of the design and construction thereof.

B. City Attorney. The City Attorney’s responsibilities shall include approving as to form all subdivision improvement agreements and security and all governing documents for a common interest development.

C. City Council. The City Council has final jurisdiction in the approval, conditional approval or denial of tentative and final subdivision maps, the establishment of design and improvement standards, and the acceptance or rejection of lands, easements and improvements proposed for dedication. The City Council shall also establish by resolution the various fees to be charged by the City in connection with this chapter.

D. City Engineer. The City Engineer shall:

1. Establish design and construction details, standards and specifications;

2. Determine that the proposed public improvements necessitated as a function of the tentative map or private improvements specifically required by the City Engineer to fulfill the intent of the approved tentative map are consistent with the regulations contained herein and be responsible for supervision and ultimate approval of the design and construction of all such improvements;

3. Process final maps, parcel maps, reversion to acreage maps and amended maps and the processing and approval of subdivision improvement plans;

4. Examine and determine that final maps and parcel maps are in substantial compliance with the approved tentative map;

5. Approve proposed addresses and street names subject to the concurrence of the Fire Chief;

6. Approve subdivision improvement agreements subject also to the review and approval of the City Attorney;

7. Inspect, approve and accept subdivision improvements.

E. Environmental Review Committee. The Environmental Review Committee shall act as the “advisory agency” for the City with respect to lot line adjustments, voluntary mergers and certificates of compliance and shall in addition carry out such other responsibilities set forth in this chapter or delegated by the Planning Commission or City Council.

F. Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall act as the “advisory agency” to the City Council with respect to subdivisions as provided in the Subdivision Map Act. The Planning Commission shall consider investigations and reports on the design and improvement of proposed subdivisions and the conformance of such subdivisions with the California Environmental Quality Act, the General Plan, this chapter, and the Subdivision Map Act. The Planning Commission shall also consider the written reports of public agencies whose services will be required in those areas which are subdivided under the regulations herein and take into account the requirements of such agencies with regard to a proposed subdivision. The Planning Commission shall have all the powers and duties with respect to tentative maps and the procedures relating thereto which are specified by law and by this chapter, subject to final review by the City Council. The Planning Commission has the authority to recommend the design, kinds, nature, and extent of dedications and improvements required to be installed in connection therewith, consistent with the requirements of this chapter, to the City Council.

G. Planning Department. Upon receipt of any subdivision proposal, the Planning Department shall be responsible for the design analysis and the expeditious processing of tentative maps and referral thereof to other governmental boards, commissions, departments, agencies and affected utility companies, both public and private. The Planning Department shall also report actions of the Planning Commission and City Council on a subdivision application to the subdivider.

H. Subdivider. The subdivider shall cause to be prepared maps consistent with the adopted design of the City, shall install improvements required as a condition of subdividing, such improvements to be consistent with the improvement standards of the City, and shall process such maps in accordance with the regulations set forth herein.