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A. A recorded final or parcel map may be amended to correct technical errors or omissions as set forth in Government Code Section 66469 upon submittal of an application for same together with the application fee. The City Engineer shall have the responsibility to examine the amending map or certificate of correction and make the required certification.

B. Upon application in writing, modifications regarding notes, conditions, etc., on a recorded final or parcel map may be made in accordance with the requirements of Section 66472.1 in the same manner and by the same body as required for the original subdivision approval, if the following findings are made:

1. That there are changes in circumstances or the availability of new information which make any or all of the conditions of such map no longer appropriate or necessary;

2. That the modifications do not impose any additional burden on the present fee owner of the property;

3. That the modifications do not alter any right, title or interest in the real property reflected on the recorded map; and

4. That the map as modified conforms to all the provisions of the State Subdivision Map Act and local implementing ordinances.

C. An approved modification shall be reflected by a certificate of correction or amending map as approved by the City Engineer which shall be filed with the County Recorder. Upon such filing, the County Recorder shall index the names of the fee owners and the appropriate subdivision designation shown on the amending map or certificate of correction in the general index and map index, respectively. Thereupon, the original map shall be deemed to have been conclusively so corrected, and thereafter shall impart constructive notice of all such corrections in the same manner as though set forth upon the original map.