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Habitat and/or wildlife conservation” means the management and conservation of an area with sensitive ecological habitat, wildlife habitat, or other environmental resources.

Health care civic uses” include the activities typically performed by the following institutions, and similar uses as determined by the Planning Commission:

1. Health clinics.

2. Hospitals.

3. Centers for observation or rehabilitation, with full-time supervision or care.

Health care facility” means a facility, place or building which is maintained and operated to provide health care. Health care facilities shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, hospitals, nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, clinics, and home health agencies, all of which are licensed by the State Department of Health Services, and defined in the Health and Safety Code.

Height, building” means the maximum allowable height shall be measured as the vertical distance from the natural grade of the site to an imaginary plane located the allowed number of feet above and parallel to the grade. The natural grade shall not be artificially raised to gain additional building height.

Home occupation” means an accessory activity of a nonresidential nature, which is performed within a living unit, accessory structure located on the premises, or within a garage attached thereto and reserved therefor, by an occupant of the living unit, and which is customarily incidental to the residential use of the living unit.

Homeless shelter” means a residential facility operated by a provider which provides temporary accommodations to persons or families with low income for a period of generally not more than six months. Such use may also provide meals, counseling and other services, as well as common area for users of the facility. Such facility may have individual rooms, but is not developed with individual dwelling units.

Hostel” means a place where travelers may stay for a limited duration at low cost in a facility that is licensed or otherwise recognized by a national or international hostel organization that may include dormitory-like sleeping accommodations.

Hotel” means a residential building other than a bed and breakfast inn containing six or more guest rooms which are used, rented or hired for sleeping purposes by transient guests or travelers for generally less than 30 consecutive days. Such uses may also include accessory uses such as beauty and barber shops, restaurants, florists, small shops, and indoor athletic facilities. Hotel includes “motel” uses.

Household” means one or more persons, whether or not related by blood, marriage or adoption, jointly occupying a dwelling unit in a living arrangement characterized by the sharing of common living areas, including area and facilities for food preparation. (Ord. 1111, 2018)