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Laboratory” means a facility for testing, analysis, and/or research. Examples of this use include medical labs, soils and materials testing labs, and forensic labs.

Live-work” means a residential use providing an integrated housing unit and work space, occupied by a single household, that accommodates joint residential occupancy and work activity, and which includes complete kitchen space and sanitary facilities as well as working space reserved for and regularly used by one or more occupants of the unit in conjunction with an approved home occupation. The nonresidential ground floor portion of the unit shall comprise no less than one-third of the ground floor space, not including stairwells.

Loading space” means an off-street space or berth on the same lot with a building or contiguous to a group of buildings, for the temporary parking of vehicles while loading or unloading merchandise or materials.

Lot” means a recorded lot or parcel of real property under single ownership, lawfully created as required by the applicable Subdivision Map Act and City ordinance requirements, including this title and SMC Title 16, Subdivisions.

Lot area” means the area of a lot measured horizontally between bounding lot lines.

Lot, corner (exterior)” means a lot situated at the intersection of two or more streets which streets have an angle or intersection of not more than 135 degrees.

Lot coverage” means the maximum area of a lot, expressed as a percentage of a lot’s total area, that may be encumbered by structures over 30 inches in height, exclusive of eaves, cornices and the like. Wheelchair ramps and lifts and other features providing access for the disabled, open arbors, and solar energy equipment shall not be considered lot coverage.

Lot, flag” means a lot having only its access strip fronting on a public street.

Lot, interior” means a lot other than a corner lot.

Lot, key” means an interior lot adjacent to a corner lot, the side line of which is contiguous with the rear lot line of the corner lot.

Lot line” means the property line bounding the lot:

1. Lot line, front” means the line separating the lot from the street. In the case of a corner lot, the front line is the shorter of any two adjacent street lot lines.

2. Lot line, rear” means the line opposite to, and most distant from, the front lot line, other than a side lot line.

3. Lot line, side” means a lot line which is neither a front nor rear lot line.

Lot, through” means a lot, other than a corner lot, having frontage on two parallel, or approximately parallel, streets. The “front” yard of a through lot shall be the street frontage from which the residence is addressed, or in the case of a vacant lot, the street frontage from which the neighboring properties are addressed.

Lot width” means the horizontal distance between the side lot lines, measured at right angles to the lot depth at a point midway between the front and the rear lot lines.

Low-income housing” means housing that is affordable to a household whose combined income is at or between 50 percent to 80 percent of the median income for Sonoma County, as established by HUD or the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

Lumberyard” means an area used for the storage, distribution, and sale of lumber and lumber products, but not including the manufacture, remanufacture, or fabrication of lumber, lumber products or firewood. (Ord. 1111, 2018)