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Manufactured housing” has the same meaning as “manufactured home” as defined by State law. See Government Code Section 18007.

Manufacturing, commercial” means the fabrication, processing, assembly, or blending of organic or inorganic materials and/or substances into new products and are usually directed to the wholesale market or industrial uses. Commercial manufacturing uses include the following uses, and similar uses as may be determined by the Planning Commission:

1. Creameries.

2. Small-scale wineries.

3. Commercial laundries/cleaning and dyeing.

4. Light machine shops.

5. Sheet metal shops.

6. Light manufacturing.

7. Blacksmith.

8. Planing mills.

9. Glass manufacturing and sales.

10. Small-scale food processing.

Mechanical equipment” includes electrical, heating, ventilation, plumbing, cooking, air conditioning, and pool and spa equipment.

Mezzanine” means an intermediate floor, placed within a room, open to a room below it, the area of which does not exceed one-third of the floor below. A mezzanine shall not be considered a story.

Mixed-Use Residential. Mixed-use residential uses include the allowance of permanent residential uses such as multifamily residences or live-work dwelling units in conjunction with nonresidential uses allowed in the zoning district; or in the case of planned community projects as a separate but integral part of a commercial and/or industrial development and where, generally, the residential square footage does not exceed more than 85 percent nor less than 25 percent of the square footage of the project.

Mobile food truck” means a motorized vehicle or trailer towed by a motorized vehicle from which food or drink (prepared on site or pre-packaged) is sold or served to the general public, whether consumed on site or elsewhere. They are retail food facilities and health regulated businesses subject to Chapter 17.355 SMC.

Mobile home” is defined by State law. See Government Code Section 18008.

Mobile home park” means an area or parcel of land where one or more mobile home lots are rented, available for rent, owned, or available for sale.

Moderate-income housing” means housing affordable to households whose combined income is above 80 percent and at or below 120 percent of the median income for Sonoma County, as established by HUD or the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

Motel. See “Hotel.” (Ord. 1111, 2018)