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Readily visible” means an object that stands out as a prominent feature of the landscape when viewed with the naked eye.

Recreational vehicle” (RV) means a motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, or camping trailer, with or without motive power, originally designed for human habitation for recreational, emergency, or other occupancy, which:

1. Is built on a single chassis; and

2. Is either self-propelled, truck-mounted, or permanently towable on the highways without a towing permit.

Research and development” means a facility for scientific research, and the design, development and testing of electrical, electronic, magnetic, medical, biotechnical, optical and computer, telecommunications, food and drink, or comparable components or products in advance of product manufacturing, and the assembly of related products from parts produced off site, where the manufacturing activity is secondary to the research and development activities. Research and development includes maker spaces where shared manufacturing tools, such as 3-D printers, laser cutters, and other art and craft supplies are used for the invention and fabrication of physical products, but not for mass production.

Residential Uses, Permanent. Permanent residential uses” include the occupancy of living accommodations on a 30-day or longer basis, and similar uses as determined by the Planning Commission.

Residential Uses, Semi-Transient. Semi-transient residential uses” include the occupancy of living accommodations partly on a weekly or longer basis and partly for a shorter time period, under the same ownership or management, and similar uses as determined by the Planning Commission.

Residential Uses, Transient. Transient residential uses” include the following residential uses occupied primarily on an overnight or less-than-weekly basis, and similar uses as may be determined by the Planning Commission. Also see “Hotel,” “Hostel” and “Bed and breakfast inn” definitions.

1. Motels.

2. Hotels.

3. Hostels.

4. Bed and breakfast inns.

Restaurant” means a use providing preparation and retail sale and consumption of food and beverages, including dining establishments, cafes, coffee shops, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors, and similar uses, except for uses qualifying as incidental food service. “Restaurant” includes the following categories:

1. Table Service. Establishments where customers are primarily served food at their tables for on-premises consumption and which may also provide food for take-out.

2. Counter Service. Eating establishments where customers are served from an ordering counter for either on- or off-premises consumption. This use includes retail bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and cafes.

3. Walk-Up. Exclusively pedestrian-oriented facilities that serve from a walk-up ordering counter. This use would typically include food services that do not provide on-site seating. This use does not include a mobile food vending unit.

4. Fast-Food, Take-Out. An establishment where customers purchase food and either consume the food on the premises within a short period of time or take food off the premises, except for uses qualifying as incidental food service. Typical characteristics of a fast-food restaurant include, but are not limited to, the purchase of food at a walk-up window or counter, payment for food prior to consumption and the packaging of food in disposable containers. A restaurant shall not be considered a fast-food or take-out restaurant solely on the basis of incidental or occasional take-out sales. Drive-through and drive-in restaurants where customers may be served food in their vehicles are not permitted.

Restaurant, walk-up” means an establishment that, by design of its physical facilities, service, or packaging, encourages or permits pedestrians to receive food service or obtain food products without entering the establishment.

Retail Sales. Retail sales uses include the following uses, and similar uses as may be determined by the Planning Commission:

1. Clothing stores.

2. Hardware.

3. Variety stores.

4. Appliance stores.

5. Radio/TV stores.

6. Pet stores.

7. Plant nurseries.

8. Bicycle sales and service.

9. Computer sales and service.

10. Medical equipment sales.

11. Automotive parts sales.

Retail use” means an establishment or other use that does not fit into the “retail sales, general” category where the sale of goods or merchandise to the general public takes place.

Roof line” means the top edge of the roof (ridge) or top of the parapet, whichever forms the top line of the building silhouette. (Ord. 1111, 2018)