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A. Electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations shall be provided in all new parking lots with 10 or more spaces and shall meet the following requirements:

1. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure shall be sized to accommodate a minimum 40-amp 220 VAC charging to a minimum of 50 percent of parking spaces.

2. A minimum of 20 percent of vehicle parking spaces and at least one ADA space shall have a fully operational 30-amp electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) unit installed with a functioning payment system. All electric vehicle charging systems and infrastructure shall be sized for adequate capacity to meet all safety requirements.

3. A 20 percent reduction in the total electric vehicle charging spaces required shall be provided for each 50 kW or above DC fast charger, up to a maximum reduction of 40 percent.

B. An electric vehicle charging station shall be:

1. Signed in a clear and conspicuous manner, such as special pavement marking or signage, indicating exclusive availability to electric vehicles and, if applicable, any time limits on maximum length of use (time limits shall not be less than one hour). Signage shall identify:

a. Voltage and amperage levels.

b. Hour of operations if time limits or tow-away provisions are to be enforced by the property owner.

c. Usage fees.

d. Safety information.

2. Outfitted with an electric vehicle charging station; and

3. Installed with adequate access in accordance with factory or qualified engineer recommendation.

C. Electric vehicle charging stations shall meet accessibility requirements of State law. (Ord. 1111, 2018)