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Bicycle parking shall be provided for all multifamily projects and nonresidential uses in compliance with this section.

A. Bicycle Parking Spaces. The number of required spaces can be reduced by the number of secure private garages, bicycle storage lockers, or storage closet with a bicycle hanger provided for each residential unit or each business use. Bicycle parking shall be distributed throughout a project to be accessible by residents, clients, and employees.

B. Bicycle Parking Design and Devices.

1. Parking Equipment. Each bicycle parking space shall include a stationary parking device to adequately secure bicycles.

2. Parking Layout.

a. Aisles providing access to bicycle parking spaces shall be at least five feet in width and separate from auto driveway aisles.

b. Each bicycle space shall be a minimum of 30 inches in width and six feet in length, and have a minimum of seven feet of overhead clearance.

c. Bicycle spaces shall be located to be clearly visible, convenient to, and generally within proximity to the main entrance of a structure.

d. Bicycle spaces shall be separated from sidewalks, motor vehicle parking spaces or aisles by a fence, wall, curb, or by at least five feet of open area, marked to prohibit vehicle parking. (Ord. 1111, 2018)