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A. Construction Signs. Construction, development, subdivision sales and real estate signs may be permitted to within five feet of the property line if freestanding. The aggregate area for all such signs may not exceed 50 square feet. Sign height for any freestanding sign may not exceed eight feet. Construction signs shall be allowed for the duration of construction. Other development signs may remain for a maximum period of one year.

B. Historic Signs. Unique signs and appurtenances which, due to their architecture or the message displayed on the sign, represent a historical period of the City of Sebastopol may be retained. Approval for retention shall be based on valid historical documentation, provided by a qualified historian or historical architect, which defines the historical attributes of the subject sign, the merits for retaining the sign, and the historical value to the community of preserving the sign. The Design Review Board may approve or deny such a sign, pursuant to SMC 17.120.020(B). Any exception shall not include a waiver from any other regulations of the City of Sebastopol. Whenever the Design Review Board grants an exception, the Board shall make specific findings as to the historic value of the sign or appurtenance.

C. Murals and Graphics.

1. Wherein all, or any part, of any mural or graphic may be considered signing, by reason of the depiction of specific words, symbols, merchandise or services, such mural or graphic, or part thereof, shall be subject to the regulations described in this chapter.

2. When a mural or graphic is not considered signage, as described above, its size will not be included in determining compliance with the maximum allowable sign area for a property.

D. Neon Signs. Neon signs are allowed in all commercial zoning districts, including the CD Central Core District, subject to the approval of the Design Review Board.

E. Temporary Signs. The Planning Director may issue written approval of a temporary sign of the following type, upon receipt of a completed temporary sign permit application packet and the associated processing fee:

1. Banners. Banners for new businesses or for special events may be approved by the Planning Director for a period not to exceed 30 days. The approval may, at the request of the applicant, be extended for an additional 30 days for a new business if a complete sign permit application has been filed with the Planning Department for permanent business identification signage. Banner signs may be installed on the building only, and are not permitted to be installed in the landscaping, on fencing, or on vehicles.

2. Gas Station Signs. Temporary signs of less than one square foot may be displayed above fuel pumps for a period not to exceed 30 days. Any additional temporary signs, including banners or freestanding temporary signs, shall not be allowed, except as otherwise permitted by this chapter, or as may be required by the Department of Weights and Measures.

3. Off-Site Directional Real Estate Signs (Red Arrows). Directional red arrow signs may be approved by the Planning Director for off-site locations for a period not to exceed 90 days, subject to the following criteria:

a. Materials. Sign and sign post must be constructed of wood, with painted vinyl arrow and letters.

b. Size and Type. Sign shall be a hanging sign, with a minimum clearance of three feet between the bottom of the sign and the existing grade. The height of the sign, including post, may not exceed five feet. The arrow portion of the sign may not exceed one square foot.

c. Display. Display shall be limited to a red arrow and the numeric address of the subject property. A sign approved as an off-site directional real estate sign shall in no way identify any person, agency, or agency telephone number, nor shall it include any other advertisement.

F. Exterior display of merchandise is not allowed, except as may be displayed with a bona fide storefront display enclosure or picture window. Such display of merchandise, or a similar decoration depicting merchandise, goods, or services, may be considered as signage if, in the sole opinion of the Planning Director, such display is made for the purposes of advertising. (Ord. 1111, 2018)