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The following requirements shall apply to all telecommunications facilities and minor antennas in any zoning district:

A. Any applicable General Plan policies, specific plan, area plan, local area development guidelines, and the permit requirements of any agencies which have jurisdiction over the project;

B. The other chapters of this title that are not superseded by the requirements contained in this chapter;

C. Adopted International Building Code requirements pursuant to Chapter 15.04 SMC, where applicable;

D. Any applicable Airport Land Use Commission regulations and Federal Aviation Administration regulations;

E. Any applicable easements or similar restrictions on the subject property, including neighborhood, community, or homeowners’ association standards;

F. Telecommunications facilities and minor antennas cannot be located in any required yard setback area of the zoning district in which it is located;

G. All setbacks shall be measured from the base of the tower or structure closest to the applicable line or structure;

H. Comply at all times with all FCC rules, regulations, and standards, including any requirement that minor antennas and telecommunications facilities do not cause interference with other communication facilities and devices, such as telephones, television sets, radios, etc.;

I. Maintain in place a security program when determined necessary by the Police Chief that will prevent unauthorized access and vandalism; and

J. Satellite dish and parabolic antennas shall be situated as close to the ground as possible to reduce visual impact without compromising their function. (Ord. 1123 § 3 (Exh. A § 4), 2019)