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A. Ground- and building-mounted satellite dishes may be installed, erected, maintained, and/or operated in any zoning district where minor antennas, as defined in SMC 17.130.015, are permitted so long as all the following conditions are met:

1. The minimum standards specified in SMC 17.130.020 and 17.130.030 are complied with;

2. No more than two satellite dishes are allowed on the parcel, one of which may be over 3.28 feet in diameter, but no larger than 10 feet in diameter;

3. Any roof-mounted satellite dish larger than two feet in diameter is located in back of, and does not extend above, the peak of the roof;

4. Any ground-mounted satellite dish with a diameter greater than four feet that is situated less than five times its actual diameter from adjoining property lines has screening treatments located along the antenna’s nonreception window axes and low-level landscape treatments along its reception window axes; and

5. For any roof- or mast-mounted satellite dish larger than 3.28 feet in diameter, a building permit has been obtained and compliance with the applicable standards of Chapter 15.04 SMC has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Building Official.

B. No person shall place a satellite dish larger than 6.56 feet in diameter on private property without first submitting sufficient information to the Planning Director, including but not limited to a site plan and elevations, to determine compliance with this section and SMC 17.130.010 and 17.130.020. The Planning Director may approve, disapprove or modify the proposed placement. In addition, he/she may require that the satellite dish be of a specific diameter, color, or type of construction. (Ord. 1123 § 3 (Exh. A § 4), 2019)