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A. Facility structures and equipment shall be located, designed and screened to blend with the existing natural or built surroundings so as to reduce visual impacts to the extent feasible considering the technological requirements of the proposed telecommunications service and to be compatible with neighboring residences and the character of the community;

B. The facility is designed to blend with any existing supporting structure and does not substantially alter the character of the structure or local area;

C. Following assembly and installation of the facility, all waste and debris shall be removed and disposed of in a lawful manner; and

D. A visual analysis, which may include photo montage, field mock-up, or other techniques, shall be prepared by or on behalf of the applicant which identifies the potential visual impacts, at design capacity, of the proposed facility to the satisfaction of the Planning Director. Consideration shall be given to views from public areas and, for telecommunications on private property (not in the public right-of-way), as well as from private residences. The analysis shall assess the cumulative impacts of the proposed facility and other existing and foreseeable telecommunications facilities in the area, and shall identify and include all feasible mitigation measures consistent with the technological requirements of the proposed telecommunications service. (Ord. 1123 § 3 (Exh. A § 4), 2019)