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Minor telecommunications facilities as defined in SMC 17.130.015 may be installed, erected, maintained and/or operated in any zoning district where such facilities are permitted under this title so long as all the following conditions are met:

A. The facility complies with all of the minimum requirements specified in SMC 17.130.010 through 17.130.230 except as changed below:

B. The facility use involved is accessory to the primary use of the property which is not a telecommunications facility;

C. The facility does not exceed 35 feet in height;

D. No more than six minor antennas, satellite dishes no greater than 10 feet or less in diameter, panel antennas, or combination thereof, are allowed on the parcel;

E. No more than a single telecommunications tower and one related equipment building/structure is allowed on the parcel;

F. The combined NIER levels produced by all the telecommunications facilities and minor antennas present on the parcel are less than 10 percent of the NIER standard established in SMC 17.130.230;

G. The facility is located at least 75 feet away from any residential dwelling unit, except for one single-family residence on the property in which the facility is located;

H. The facility is located outside all yard and street setbacks specified in the zoning district regulations in which the facility is located and no closer than 20 feet to any property line;

I. Traffic at all times shall be kept to an absolute minimum, but in no case more than one round trip per day on an average annualized basis once construction is complete;

J. No native trees 20 inches or larger in diameter measured at four and one-half feet high on the tree would have to be removed;

K. Any new building(s) shall be effectively screened from view from off site;

L. The site has an average cross slope of 10 percent or less;

M. The total silhouette of a tower shall not exceed 80 square feet in area; and

N. All utility lines to the facility from public or private streets shall be undergrounded.

The Planning Director may deny a site plan permit for a minor telecommunications facility that meets all of the above standards if he/she determines, in his/her sole discretion, that the public interest would be furthered by having the Planning Commission review this matter. In that case and the case of any proposed facility that fails to meet one or more of the standards listed above, a conditional use permit approved by the Planning Commission shall be required to construct the facility in question. (Ord. 1123 § 3 (Exh. A § 4), 2019)