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It is hereby declared as a matter of public policy that the purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare by establishing such procedures and providing such regulations as is deemed necessary to:

A. Recognize improvements which represent elements of the City’s cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history.

B. Foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past.

C. Encourage the protection, restoration, and enhancement of the City’s aesthetic and historic attractions to residents, visitors, and others, thereby serving as a stimulus and support to local commerce.

D. Promote the use of landmarks for the education, appreciation and welfare of the people of Sebastopol.

E. Preserve diverse and harmonious architectural styles and designs reflecting phases of the City’s history and to encourage complementary, contemporary design and construction.

F. Protect and enhance property values and to strengthen the economy of the City and the financial stability of its inhabitants.

G. Conserve valuable material and energy resources by the ongoing use and maintenance of the existing built environment.

H. Foster and encourage the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of structures, areas and neighborhoods and thereby prevent future urban blight. (Ord. 1111, 2018)