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Affordable” shall mean dwelling units that are affordable to households making 120 percent or less of the County median income, with monthly housing payments not exceeding 30 percent of the household’s gross monthly income. The cost of utilities, property taxes, insurance, homeowner’s dues and the like shall not be included in the calculation of housing costs.

In-lieu fee” means a fee paid into the City’s affordable housing fund to provide affordable housing opportunities to very low-, low-, median- and moderate-income households. In-lieu fees shall be allowed in lieu of actual provision of the inclusionary units.

Inclusionary unit” means an ownership or rental housing unit, as required and defined by this chapter, that is affordable to very low- or low-income households.

Lower-income” or “lower-income household” shall mean a person or household whose gross annual income is between 51 percent and 80 percent, inclusive, of the Sonoma County median income, adjusted for family size, as defined by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or its successor.

Market units” or “market rate units” means either an ownership or rental dwelling unit which is not restricted to those prices or rents affordable to very low- or low-income households, as defined by this chapter.

Nonprofit housing agency” shall mean a not-for-profit agency engaged in the provision and/or management of housing for households with very low to moderate incomes.

Qualified household” shall mean a household meeting the income restrictions established in this inclusionary program. (Ord. 1111, 2018)