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A. Threshold. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all new residential developments of five or more parcels or dwelling units intended and designed for permanent occupancy, including conversions from nonresidential uses, which receive subdivision, conditional use permit, or Design Review Board approval after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. In the case of a lot split that creates five or more parcels, but that will not involve the present or future development of five or more new dwelling units, the requirements of this chapter shall not apply.

B. Exemptions. The following shall not be subject to the provisions of this chapter:

1. Residential dwellings for which a building permit has been issued by the City prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter;

2. A residential development project that the City Council has determined as a vested right to proceed without complying with the provisions herein;

3. Existing residences which are altered, improved, restored, expanded or extended; provided, that the number of units is not increased;

4. Accessory dwelling units constructed pursuant to Chapter 17.220 SMC;

5. Dwelling units which are offered and restricted for sale solely to individuals or households of very low, low, or moderate incomes, as defined by this chapter, and for the minimum terms set forth by this chapter; and

6. Replacement of any dwelling unit or residential development which is damaged or destroyed by fire or other catastrophe, provided the number of units and use of the building remain the same.

7. Single-family dwelling units of 840 square feet or less which are owner-occupied for a minimum of one year, following which they may be rented to a long-term renter with a minimum of a six-month lease. (Ord. 1111, 2018)