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All home occupations shall satisfy the following criteria:

A. The occupation shall be operated only by a person or persons residing in the dwelling unit as clearly secondary and incidental use of such dwelling for residential purposes, which use must not change the residential character thereof. One person other than a resident of the dwelling may be employed in the conduct of a home occupation at the residence.

B. There shall be no use of any yard space or public right-of-way, or any activity outside the buildings not normally associated with residential use; there shall be no storage of equipment or supplies outside of the buildings.

C. The home occupation shall not generate vehicular traffic measurably in excess of that normally associated with single-family residential use.

D. There shall be no external alteration for home occupation purposes of the dwelling in which a home occupation is conducted. The existence of a home occupation shall not be apparent beyond the boundaries of the site, except that a nameplate, in accordance with subsection M of this section, may be installed, and otherwise, no on-site advertising shall be used which informs the public of the address of the home occupation.

E. That there shall be no noisy or otherwise objectionable machinery or equipment used in the conduct of the home occupation.

F. No noise, odor, dust, vibration, fumes, smoke, glare, electrical, or other interference with the residential use of adjacent properties shall be created.

G. The occupation may be conducted within an accessory building, but may not reduce the amount of any off-street parking space(s).

H. No more than two single clients or one client group shall be allowed on the premises at the same time whether being served or waiting for service. For purposes of this section, “client group” shall include a family, couple, or comparable group, as determined by the Planning Director.

I. No more than one business-related vehicle, including one truck of maximum one-ton capacity, and no semi-trailers or any other heavy equipment incidental to a home occupation shall be kept on the site, or on the street.

J. Except for cottage food uses complying with relevant provisions of the Government Code and any other requirements of the City of Sebastopol, no retail sales shall be allowed on the premises, except by telephone or computer.

K. No animal-related services, including grooming or personal care, requiring animals to be present on the residential property shall be allowed on the premises.

L. No vehicle repair business shall be allowed on the premises.

M. Not more than one nonilluminated nameplate sign, not comprising more than two square feet in area, shall be permitted for the home occupation.

N. A business license shall be required. (Ord. 1111, 2018)