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A. Purpose. The purpose of these standards is to comply with State law while ensuring that large family day care and large community care homes do not adversely impact the adjacent neighborhood. While large family day care homes are needed by residents in the City, particularly in proximity to their homes in residential neighborhoods, and large community care homes are also needed, the potential traffic, noise and safety impacts of this use should be regulated in the interest of nearby residents and the children in the day care facility. It is also the intent of this section to allow family day care homes in residential surroundings to give children a home environment that is conducive to healthy and safe development.

B. Standards. Large family day care and large community care homes shall conform to the following standards:

1. Conditions may be placed on conditional use permits to reduce noise impact including, but not limited to, the provision of solid fencing or other sound attenuating devices, restrictions on outside play hours, location of play areas, and placement of outdoor play equipment.

2. All homes shall provide at least three automobile parking spaces, no more than one of which may be provided in a garage or carport. Parking may be on-street if contiguous to property. These may include spaces already provided to fulfill residential parking requirements.

3. A traffic circulation plan designed to diminish traffic safety issues shall be submitted for the review of the Planning Commission. Residences located on arterial streets (as shown on the General Plan circulation map) must provide a drop-off/pickup area designed to prevent vehicles from backing onto the arterial roadway. The care provider may be required to submit a plan of staggered drop-off and pickup time ranges to reduce congestion in neighborhoods already identified as having traffic congestion problems.

4. To address potential adverse neighborhood impacts related to noise and traffic issues, no large family day care or large community care residential home shall be permitted within 150 feet of any existing large family day care or large community care home.

D. Notice Requirements. Not less than 10 days prior to the date of the Planning Commission public hearing on the application, the City shall give notice of the proposed use by mail to the applicant and all owners shown on the last equalized assessment roll as owning real property within a 150-foot radius of the exterior boundaries of the proposed large family day care home.

E. Findings. Findings shall be consistent with the requirements of Chapter 17.415 SMC. In addition, no conditional use permit for a large family day care home or large community care home shall be granted unless the following findings are made:

1. That the use meets all required conditions identified in this section.

2. That the use shall comply with all applicable building codes, fire codes adopted by the State and administered by the City Fire Department, and any State licensing requirements. (Ord. 1111, 2018)