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A. The amount of land to be dedicated shall be determined according to the following formula:

D x P = A, where:

D =

the number of dwelling units

P =

a “park factor” based on unit type (single-family, multifamily, and mobile home)

A =

the buildable acres to be dedicated

B. Park Factors.

1. The Planning Director shall establish, and update from time to time, the park factors necessary to determine the acreage of parkland required. The data source for these park factors shall be data for the City of Sebastopol as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau. The park factors shall be calculated based upon the following equation and shall be specific for each of the three types of dwelling units defined above (single-family, multifamily, and mobile home). The household size shall be determined based upon the total population in each dwelling category, divided by the total number of occupied units in that dwelling category:

(Parkland Requirement (e.g., 5 acres) x Household Size

= Park Factor


2. In the case of a specific plan or similar plan for a geographic area, the park factors shall be established at the time of adoption of the plan as provided in this section.

C. In multifamily development, the number of dwelling units shall be calculated from the maximum density permitted in the proposed district, as determined from the Zoning Code, including any density bonus, unless the subdivider can demonstrate that the development will contain a lesser number of dwelling units. For tentative parcel maps in multifamily districts, a condition may be added to the tentative parcel map stating that the number of dwelling units may be calculated using the density tentatively approved, and such approval shall not become final until the required land or improvements are dedicated (or fees in lieu thereof are paid by the subdivider) to the satisfaction of the City.

D. Unless a specific written request is made by the applicant, fees shall be payable at the time of the recording of the final map or parcel map. Upon the written request of the applicant, the Planning Commission may recommend and the City Council may add a condition to any map contemplated by subsection C of this section for multifamily development, whether submitted as a parcel map or subdivision map, stating that required land or dedication or improvements or the payment of an in-lieu fee may occur after the recordation of the final or parcel map and that required land or dedication or improvements or the payment of an in-lieu fee shall occur at some later time but not later than prior to the issuance of building permits. (Ord. 1111, 2018)