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A. Temporary dwelling units are allowed as provided by Tables 17.20-1 and 17.400-1 and Chapter 17.430 SMC, with the following exceptions:

1. One temporary dwelling unit per parcel may be considered for approval by the Planning Director; more than one temporary dwelling unit per parcel shall be considered for approval by the Planning Commission.

2. A temporary dwelling unit permit will be valid for two years. One-year extensions of the permit shall be allowed as long as the City, or Sonoma County as a whole, is under a Federal, State, or local declaration of emergency.

B. Findings for Approval of Temporary Dwelling Units. Temporary dwelling units conforming to the provisions of the SMC shall only be approved if the following findings can be made in an affirmative manner:

1. The subject property is physically suitable for the type of development proposed.

2. The applicant has demonstrated a need for the temporary dwelling unit.

3. Appropriate utility connections will be provided.

4. Appropriate setbacks will be provided. (Ord. 1111, 2018)