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A. Outdoor uses shall not be permitted unless such outdoor uses are mitigated in a manner acceptable to the Planning Commission.

B. Hours of operation shall be limited to 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., including delivery and service, unless longer hours are mitigated in a manner acceptable to the Planning Commission.

C. Uses which generate excessive noise, such as from machinery, amplified music, etc., shall not be permitted, unless within a soundproof structure which would shield adjacent residential properties from such noise.

D. Outdoor lighting shall be shielded from adjacent residential properties and shall not spill over onto any adjacent property. Adjacent properties shall be screened from potential light or glare from automobile headlights.

E. Vehicular access shall be from streets other than those serving the adjacent residential district, unless other access is mitigated in a manner acceptable to the Planning Commission.

F. Uses which may discharge smoke and/or odor shall not be permitted, unless such discharge is mitigated in a manner acceptable to the Planning Commission.

G. Perimeter side and rear property lines shall be screened from adjacent residential districts by solid fencing of six feet in height. Dense landscaping, including trees, shall be required along said property edges.

H. Uses which include the use, storage, processing or other handling of hazardous and/or toxic substances shall not be allowed.

I. Trash and recycling enclosures shall be required for all uses, and shall be located away from the adjacent residential district. On-site trash enclosures shall allow for convenient disposal of trash and debris, and shall be secured for such uses as animal hospitals or other uses which may dispose of hazardous items. For uses such as drive-in restaurants, which may result in off-site litter, a program of off-site litter cleanup shall be required, which program may include:

1. Frequency of cleanup.

2. Geographical extent of cleanup.

3. Additional on-site receptacles.

J. Unless the Design Review Board determines a different setback is appropriate due to site conditions, existing improvements, provision of pedestrian amenities, or the neighborhood context, the setback requirements, including front yard, side yard, and rear yard, shall be equal to the applicable setback required on the adjacent residential lot and for any residential district that does not have a comparable setback requirement (e.g., parking), the setback shall be equal to 10 feet. (Ord. 1111, 2018)