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In addition to the development standards in Chapter 17.25 SMC, existing automotive gas or fueling stations and existing and new car washes shall comply with the following requirements:

A. Location.

1. The site shall have at least 150 feet of frontage on an arterial or collector street.

2. The site shall not adjoin an existing residential district, or single- or two-family residential use at the time the car wash use is established.

B. Distance Between Existing Automotive Gas or Fueling Station and Existing and New Car Wash Sites. The minimum distance between existing automotive gas or fueling station sites and/or car wash sites shall be 500 feet.

C. Site Area. The minimum site area shall be 15,000 square feet or the minimum required by the applicable zoning district, whichever is greater.

D. Site Dimensions. The minimum width shall be 150 feet; the minimum depth shall be 100 feet.

E. Site Design.

1. Pump islands shall be set back a minimum of 20 feet from any property line. Setbacks for the buildings shall comply with the applicable zoning district.

2. New curb cuts on a public street shall be a minimum of 50 feet from the intersection of the projected curb lines. No more than two curb cuts shall be permitted unless otherwise approved by a conditional use permit.

3. Vapor processing units and propane tanks shall be located behind or on the side of the main building, where possible, or screened within a landscaped area. Tanks shall be installed pursuant to State, County, and local requirements and shall be oriented in a horizontal position.

F. Other Requirements.

1. All merchandise, including but not limited to periodicals, vending machines, and other items offered for purchase, shall be contained within the buildings at all times.

2. The storage of inoperative vehicles is prohibited.

G. Abandoned Automotive Gas or Fueling Stations. Any automotive gas or fueling station that becomes nonconforming for any reason other than the spacing requirements set forth in this section, and which is abandoned or closed for a period of one year consecutively, or an aggregate of 365 days in any two-year period, shall be physically removed from the site by the owner. Removal shall mean the demolition of all automotive gas or fueling station facilities, including removal of underground tanks pursuant to State and County requirements. Prior to the effective date of any order to remove an automotive gas or fueling station pursuant to this section, interested parties shall be notified by registered mail and shall be given a hearing before the City Council. (Ord. 1140 § 4, 2022; Ord. 1111, 2018)