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Mobile food truck courts are a development on a privately owned parcel with an individual pad and individual service and utility hook-ups for each mobile food vendor and on-site amenities, such as restrooms, eating areas, etc., for customers, and are intended for regular food service from mobile food trucks. Mobile food truck courts may have mobile food trucks that operate on a short-term (one hour or less) or long-term basis (more than one hour). Mobile food court developments shall be subject to the following standards:

A. Business License Required. All mobile food truck vendors shall obtain a business license from the City’s Finance Department. The owner and operator of a mobile food truck is responsible for applying for and obtaining all other necessary licenses and permits required for the service of food and beverages. The mobile food vehicle must be in compliance with State motor vehicle laws.

B. An individual pad and individual service and utility hook-ups shall be provided for each mobile food truck.

C. A restroom shall be provided on site for mobile food truck employees and customers.

D. Pedestrian-oriented amenities, including tables, seating, shaded areas, and landscaping, shall be provided.

E. Mobile food developments are subject to the permit requirements and site development standards established by this code, including Chapter 17.25 SMC.

F. Customer walkup areas may not extend into the public right-of-way.

G. Mobile food trucks operating within a mobile food truck court are not subject to the SMC 17.355.020.

H. Exceptions. By conditional use permit, the Planning Commission may grant an exception to these provisions. (Ord. 1111, 2018)