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A. Dual Licensing. The City recognizes that State law requires cannabis businesses to obtain dual licensing at the State and local level for temporary special events that involve on-site cannabis sales to, and consumption by, patients or qualifying adults with valid identification. Such events shall not be allowed to commence until the cannabis business can demonstrate that all necessary local permits, State temporary event licenses, agency permits, and as necessary, a temporary use permit or a special events permit, as applicable, have been obtained in compliance with any regulations and deadlines established by the City and the State.

B. Temporary Use Permit, Special Events Permit. Applications for a cannabis special event shall be filed in a timely manner in accordance with Chapter 17.430 SMC (Temporary Use Permits – includes special events), or a special events permit pursuant to Chapter 12.44 SMC (Special Events), depending on the nature and location of the event. Applicants are advised to confirm State allowance for such event prior to filing of a City application.

Not more than four such events shall be permitted in any calendar year, and no single operator shall be permitted to conduct more than two such events per year. (Ord. 1147 §2 (Exh. A), 2023)