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In addition to the grounds in SMC 17.400.090 (Term, adherence to approved plans and conditions, and revocation of permits), the review authority may require modification, discontinuance or revocation of a cannabis business permit if the review authority finds that the use is operated or maintained in a manner that it:

A. Adversely affects the health, peace or safety of persons living or working in the surrounding area; or

B. Contributes to a public nuisance; or

C. Has resulted in repeated nuisance activities including disturbances of the peace, illegal drug activity, diversion of cannabis or cannabis products, public intoxication, smoking in public, harassment of passerby, littering, or obstruction of any street, sidewalk or public way; or

D. Violates any provision of the SMC or condition imposed by a City-issued permit, or violates any provision of any other local or State regulation or order, including those of State law or violates any condition imposed by permits or licenses issued in compliance with those laws. (Ord. 1147 §2 (Exh. A), 2023)