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A. When required by SMC 17.44.040, a survey of a site or portion thereof proposed for development shall be undertaken by an independent biologist approved by the City of Sebastopol in order to evaluate the existence of vernal pools, rare and/or endangered plants and/or native vegetation, and the effect, if any, the proposed development may have thereon. Such survey shall:

1. Include a site plan showing the location of the vernal pool, rare and/or endangered plant(s), and/or native vegetation.

2. Include textual documentation as to whether the plant(s) are officially recognized as “rare,” and whether the plant(s) and/or pool is a valuable biological resource.

3. Be prepared by a qualified botanist, whose credentials/capabilities are recognized by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

4. Recommend, if necessary, appropriate and feasible measures to be taken in the development of the property in order to protect a documented resource.

B. Upon receipt by City staff, the vernal pool/rare plant and native vegetation survey shall be forwarded to the City Council for review and approval. Upon City Council approval, any proposed development shall be in accordance with the recommendation(s) of the survey. (Ord. 1111, 2018)