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The purpose of the ESOS Environmental and Scenic Open Space Combining District is to control land use within areas of great scenic or environmental value to the citizens of the Sebastopol General Plan area, to control any alteration of the natural environment and terrain in areas of special ecological and educational significance to the entire community as unique vegetative units or wildlife habitats or as unique geological or botanic specimens, and to enhance and maintain for the public welfare and well-being the public amenities accrued from the preservation of the scenic beauty and environmental quality of Sebastopol. The ESOS Combining District is applicable to areas of great natural beauty, high visibility or ecological significance such as areas bordering Atascadero Creek or the Laguna de Santa Rosa. The ESOS Combining District is established to implement the goals, policies and objectives of the Conservation, Open Space and Parks Element of the General Plan. (Ord. 1111, 2018)