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An applicant, or any other interested person, or any City official who considers a decision made under the provisions of this chapter to be erroneous, may appeal the same to the City Council.

A. The appeal shall be filed with the City within seven days from the date on which the decision was made and issued in written form by the Planning Director.

B. The appeal shall be made in writing and shall specifically describe the decision which is being appealed, each ground which the appellant is relying upon in making the appeal, and the specific action which the appellant wants the City Council to take.

C. A timely filed appeal shall stay all actions resulting from the decision. Any allocation(s) issued under the decision shall be preserved pending the Council’s decision on the appeal; any allocations requested by an appellate which were denied by the decision shall also be preserved (or reserved) pending the Council’s determination of the appeal to the extent that corresponding entitlements are still available for allocation at the time the City Clerk notifies the Planning Director of the filing of the appeal.

D. Upon the filing of an appeal, the City Clerk shall immediately notify the Planning Director, the person making the decision, of the appeal and shall forward a copy of the appeal to each such person.

E. A timely filed appeal shall be heard by the City Council within 30 days of its filing, and the Council shall decide the matter within 24 days of such hearing. (Ord. 1111, 2018)