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The City Council of the City of Sebastopol finds that:

A. It is an indisputable fact that walking, bicycling and other nonmotorized methods, in addition to public transit and carpooling, are popular and viable means of transportation for commuting to work and school, recreational trips and other essential transportation purposes;

B. Traffic congestion, diminishing natural resources, rising fuel costs and concern for personal health and air quality have combined to make alternatives to the use of privately owned motor vehicles increasingly attractive;

C. The role of walking, bicycling and public transit and carpooling will continue to increase in importance;

D. The City of Sebastopol Resolution 5475, Resolution of the City of Sebastopol City Council Establishing Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target, sets targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Increased walking, bicycling and other nonmotorized methods, in addition to public transit and carpooling, will advance the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

E. Promoting the safety and well-being of those who use transportation methods other than privately owned motor vehicles is one of the public purposes of the City;

F. The collective knowledge and active involvement of residents experienced in various modes of transportation is important in advising the City to ensure development of a comprehensive transportation environment;

G. The City of Sebastopol has adopted a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to:

1. Assess the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians in Sebastopol and throughout Sonoma County in order to identify a set of local and Countywide improvements and implementation strategies that will encourage more people to walk and bicycle;

2. Identify local and Countywide systems of physical and programmatic improvements to support bicycling and walking;

3. Provide local agencies that adopt the Plan with eligibility for various funding programs, including the State Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA);

4. Act as a resource and coordinating document for local actions and regional projects; and

5. Foster cooperation between entities for planning purposes and create Geographic Information System (GIS) maps and a database of existing and proposed facilities Countywide;

H. Increased bicycling, walking and public transit use are indicative of vibrant and livable communities;

I. The City of Sebastopol, designated as a “Cittaslow USA” city, values environmentalism, comprehensive infrastructure policy, quality technology, local production and biodiversity, citizen awareness and social inclusion;

J. The community has stated its support for the creation of a Complete Streets Advisory Committee.