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A. Whenever the Tax Administrator determines that a service user has deliberately withheld the amount of the tax owed by the service user from the amounts remitted to a person required to collect the tax, or whenever the Tax Administrator deems it in the best interest of the City, he or she may relieve such person of the obligation to collect the taxes due under this section from certain named service users for specific billing periods. Whenever the service user has failed to pay the amount of tax owed for a period of two or more billing periods, the service supplier shall be relieved of the obligation to collect taxes due. The service supplier shall provide the City with the names and addresses of such service users and the amounts of taxes owed under the provisions of this section. Nothing herein shall require that the Tax Administrator institute proceedings under this section if, in the opinion of the Tax Administrator, the cost of collection or enforcement likely outweighs the tax benefit.

B. In addition to the tax owed, the service user shall pay a delinquency penalty at the rate of 15 percent of the total tax that is owed, and shall pay interest at the rate of 0.75 percent per month, or any fraction thereof, on the amount of the tax, exclusive of penalties, from the due date, until paid.

C. The Tax Administrator shall notify the nonpaying service user that the Tax Administrator has assumed the responsibility to collect the taxes due for the stated periods and demand payment of such taxes, including penalties and interest. The notice shall be served on the service user by personal delivery or by deposit of the notice in the United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the service user at the address to which billing was made by the person required to collect the tax; or, should the service user have a change of address, to his or her last known address.

D. If the service user fails to remit the tax to the Tax Administrator within 30 days from the date of the service of the notice upon him or her, the Tax Administrator may impose an additional penalty of 15 percent of the amount of the total tax that is owed. (Ord. 1072 § 1, 2014)