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Whenever in this chapter the words or phrases hereinafter in this section defined are used, they shall have the respective meanings assigned to them in the following definitions unless, in the given instance, the context wherein they are used shall clearly import a different meaning:

“City” shall mean the City of Sebastopol, a municipal corporation of the State of California, in its present incorporated form or in any later reorganized, consolidated, enlarged or reincorporated form.

“Constitutional franchise” shall mean the right acquired through acceptance by said grantee or its predecessor in estate of the offer contained in the provisions of Section 3.9 of Article XI of the Constitution of the State of California, as said section existed prior to its amendment on October 10, 1931.

“Construct and use” shall mean to construct, erect, install, lay, operate, maintain, use, repair or replace.

“Grantee” shall mean the corporation to which the franchise contemplated in this chapter is granted and its lawful successors or assigns.

“Poles, wires, conduits and appurtenances” shall mean poles, towers, supports, wires, conductors, cables, guys, stubs, platforms, cross-arms, braces, transformers, insulators, conduits, ducts, vaults, manholes, meters, cut-outs, switches, communication circuits, appliances, attachments, appurtenances and any other property located or to be located in, upon, along, across, under or over the streets of the City, and used or useful in the transmitting and/or distributing of electricity.

“Streets” shall mean the public streets, ways, alleys and places as the same now or may hereafter exist within said City.