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A. Licensees in the City of Sebastopol will pay an annual permit fee to cover costs associated with outreach, education, monitoring, enforcement and administrative hearings of this chapter. Each of these components is essential to an effective ordinance. The outreach and educational program is designed as a proactive approach to encouraging compliance with this chapter, enhancing community-retailer communication, and, in general, promoting responsible business practices.

B. An annual permit fee of $200.00 shall be imposed on all alcoholic beverage establishments and billed by the City of Sebastopol on or before the first day of January of each year. The fee is due and payable immediately upon receipt, and will be delinquent if not paid within 30 days of the bill’s mailing. This fee includes administrative and other costs associated with implementing activities outlined in this chapter. Fees are subject to change based on costs of program implementation.

C. The City shall establish a responsible beverage service and sales regulation fund for the collection of the fees described in this chapter. Such funds will be used to recover costs associated with implementing services provided under this chapter, including outreach, education, inspections, enforcement and funds to cover administrative hearings. (Ord. 1104 § 8, 2017)