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A. No roosters or peacocks shall be kept within the City limits.

B. No person shall keep on any premises owned, occupied or controlled by him/her any domestic fowl, except 10 or fewer chickens may be kept; and, in the Residential Estate, Residential Agriculture, and Rural Residential Zoning Districts, up to 20 domestic fowl including chickens, ducks, geese, quail, or turkeys may be kept on parcels of 20,000 square feet or greater in size. Where domestic fowl are permitted, such fowl shall be kept in an enclosure sufficient in all respects to confine such fowl within such enclosure and no part of such enclosure shall be situated within five feet of any property line, or within any required front yard area, and no part of such enclosure shall be situated within 25 feet of any dwelling unit for occupation by or occupied by human beings, except such dwelling as may be owned or occupied by the person owning or having control of such fowl. Notwithstanding provisions in this section, no person shall overcrowd in any crate, box or other receptacle domestic fowl or poultry or fail to provide proper food, water, shelter or sanitation for the same.