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The City shall provide the following:

A. Transportation Administrator. The City Manager shall designate a Transportation Administrator.

B. Technical Guidance and Support. The Transportation Administrator shall provide guidance and support to employers in complying with the provisions of this chapter including sample survey forms and information on means to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips.

C. Administrative Guidelines. The City Manager shall prepare administrative guidelines to help implement the requirements of this chapter.

D. City Evaluation of Trip Reduction Program.

1. Annual Evaluation. The Transportation Administrator shall review employer voluntary compliance with the requirements of this chapter. The evaluation will include a review of trip reduction programs, annual reports, and annual surveys.

2. Report to City Council. The Transportation Administrator shall submit an annual report to the City Council describing the results of the trip reduction program and the achievement of the goals of this chapter. The City Manager or designee may recommend any changes to this chapter necessary to achieve the goals established herein.