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No person shall, within the City limits, discharge any pistol, revolver, rifle, gun, airgun, or other firearm, except that the same may be lawfully discharged by any police or peace officer, or any military or naval personnel, in the lawful discharge of duty, or by any private citizen in the lawful defense of his person or property, or by any member or other authorized person in or upon the regularly established indoor or outdoor shooting range or shooting gallery of any Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Officers Reserve Corps, National Guard, College or High School ROTC or Cadet Corps unit, or other authorized military or naval unit, or police, sheriffs’ or other peace officers’ department, or licensed or permitted commercial shooting gallery, or any organized rifle, pistol, gun or other bona fide sportsmen’s club, provided such rifle, pistol, gun or sportsmen’s club shall first obtain written permission from the Chief of Police, or if such permission is denied by the Chief of Police, from the City Council, and such permit shall be granted if such shooting range or shooting gallery is so constructed as to provide reasonable safety against the escape of any bullet or projectile from the range or gallery where fired.