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A. Except as permitted by the provisions of SMC 15.90.050, no imported fill shall be permitted in areas of special flood hazard except where an equivalent amount of soil material is removed from the project site to a location outside of the flood hazard area and such placement is approved by the City Engineer or where provision has been made on the subject property to balance the capacity to store floodwaters and accommodate potential surface flow in an amount equal to the amount of floodwater likely to be displaced by the fill. Specific measures as required by the City Engineer and Building Official shall be taken to prevent erosion and surface runoff to adjacent properties. All fill shall be compacted per the requirements of the City Engineer at the time of placement.

B. In areas of special flood hazard, any person may place up to five cubic yards of material for every 10,000 square feet of landscaped area, for use solely for landscape maintenance or gardening at a residence or business in any one calendar year.