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Employee housing (agricultural)” means housing for commercial agricultural employees as described in Health and Safety Code Sections 17021.5 and 17021.6, and employee housing as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 17008 and the other applicable provisions of the Employees Housing Act at Health and Safety Code Section 17000 et seq., and to include a residential safety management plan.

Employee housing (six or fewer employees)” means employee housing, as defined by Health and Safety Code Section 17008, for six or fewer employees. Employee housing (six or fewer employees) that is consistent with Health and Safety Code Section 17021.5 is considered a residential use of property and shall be subject only to those restrictions that apply to other residential dwellings of the same type (e.g., single-family dwelling, multifamily, etc.) in the same zone.

Exercise facilities” means a training facility, including health clubs, that may include exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise by human beings, and may provide instruction in weight training, bodybuilding, yoga, and cardiovascular training, as well as general health and fitness instruction.

Extensive Commercial. Extensive commercial uses include the following uses, and similar uses as may be determined by the Planning Commission:

1. Animal hospital.

2. Outdoor sales.

3. Theaters.

4. Exercise facilities greater than 1,000 square feet.

5. Saloon/bar.

6. Night club.

7. Lumberyard.

8. Outdoor recreation.

9. Winery.

10. Dry cleaner.

11. Coffee roastery.

12. Mini- or micro-brewery.

Extensive Impact Civic Uses. Extensive impact uses” include the activities typically performed by, or the maintenance and operation of, public and public utility corporation yards, reservoirs and water tanks, and similar uses as may be determined by the Planning Commission. (Ord. 1111, 2018)