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Office. Office uses include the following uses, and similar uses as may be determined by the Planning Commission:

1. Banks/savings and loan offices.

2. Business offices.

3. Medical/dental offices.

4. Studios.

5. Mortuary.

6. Professional offices.

7. Printing and/or shipping services.

8. Hearing aid service.

9. Optician.

10. Massage service/school.

11. Co-working space.

Open space, usable” means outdoor area on the ground, or other features such as a roof, balcony, deck, or porch which is designed and used for outdoor living, recreation, pedestrian access, or landscaping. Does not include off-street parking areas.

Outdoor barbecue, commercial” means any outdoor facility for cooking food directly over hot coals, gas or other means, smoking food, or other similar methods and where the food is intended to be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.

Overlay district” means a zoning district that overlays and replaces the prior district. (Ord. 1111, 2018)