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Parapet or parapet wall” means that portion of a building wall that rises above the roof level.

Parcel of property” means any real property shown on the latest adopted tax roll as a unit, or as contiguous units under common ownership.

Park, community” means a publicly owned outdoor recreation facility for use by local residents or visitors to nearby establishments and may include trails, picnic areas, sports fields and facilities, a swimming pool, water play area, and playground facilities. The community park use does not include “sports park” uses.

Park, sports” or “sports facility” means a privately owned indoor or outdoor recreation facility that is provided for organized, competitive use and may include soccer fields, golf courses, sports courts, multiple swimming or diving pools, and similar uses.

Parking facility, public or commercial” means freestanding parking lots or structures operated by the City or a private entity. Does not include towing impound and storage facilities.

Passive recreational area” means an area that is generally open space, is publicly accessible, and has minimal development. Minimal development includes trails, benches, and parking areas, but does not include active recreation facilities, such as playgrounds and ball fields.

Planning staff” means Planning Director, City Planner, Planning Consultant, or other person appointed by the City Manager to serve as the City’s planning staff.

Plant nursery” means a commercial agricultural establishment engaged in the production of ornamental plants and other nursery products, grown under cover either in containers or in the soil on the site, or outdoors in containers. Also includes establishments engaged in the sale of these products (e.g., wholesale and retail nurseries) and commercial-scale greenhouses. The sale of house plants or other nursery products entirely within a building is also included under retail.

Premise or premises” means a parcel of property.

Public service use or facility” means a use operated or used by a public body or public utility in connection with any of the following services: water, wastewater management, public education, parks and recreation, library, fire and police protection, solid waste management, or utilities.

Public view” means, for antennas and the like, where some portion of the minor antenna or telecommunications facility will be visible from a public street or public place, or from four or more adjoining private properties. (Ord. 1111, 2018)