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A. The criteria in this section apply to recycling and waste collection areas appropriate to serve all new uses, or an increase of greater than 30 percent of an existing use, for all uses in all zoning districts, except single-family residences and multifamily dwelling groups with four or less units. Proof of waste service approval for required recycling and waste areas shall be provided to the City prior to issuance of a building permit.

B. The following criteria shall be used when determining the location and design of the collection area:

1. Screening of collection areas from public view.

2. Adequate space for source separation of recyclables and waste collection containers, as well as adequate provision for access to the collection areas by reclamation and disposal equipment, as shown on the diagram attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter as Exhibit A.

3. In new development, recycling collection areas shall be placed alongside waste collection areas so as to provide convenience for users and promote recycling.

4. Collection areas shall be sited to minimize nuisance impacts, particularly noise impacts on residential sleeping areas.

5. A sign clearly identifying all recycling and solid waste collection and loading areas and the materials accepted therein shall be posted adjacent to all points of access to the recycling areas.

6. Driveways or travel aisles shall provide unobstructed access for collection vehicles and personnel and provide at least the minimum clearance required by the collection methods and vehicles utilized by the hauler in the area in which the development project exists.

7. Recycling areas shall not be located in any area required by the City ordinance to be constructed or maintained as unencumbered, according to fire and other applicable building and/or public safety laws.

C. In expanding existing developments that do not have collection areas, the facilities shall be sited to minimize noise impacts on residential sleeping areas. Notwithstanding this requirement, the following exceptions may be permitted by the decision-making authority:

1. Recycling collection areas shall be allowed to encroach into required interior side yard or rear yard setbacks. Collection areas so placed will not be required to be screened from public view.

2. If a suitable and serviceable location which does not encroach into any required yard or which encroaches only into the required rear or interior side yard cannot be found, the collection area may occupy no more than two required parking spaces at the discretion of the decision-making authority. A collection area so located will be required to be screened from public view at the discretion of the decision-making authority. The approved use of a required space pursuant to this chapter shall not render a development nonconforming with respect to Chapter 17.110 SMC.

3. If no other placement area exists on the site, a recycling collection area may be located in the required front yard or exterior side yard; provided, that it is screened from public view.

D. No person shall use any established collection area for another purpose unless the Planning Director waives the requirements of this subsection under circumstances wherein it is necessary to prevent practical difficulties or necessary hardships inconsistent with the objectives of this subsection. (Ord. 1111, 2018)