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All telecommunications facilities shall be installed in such a manner so as to maintain and enhance existing native vegetation and to install suitable landscaping to screen the facility, where necessary. Where appropriate, facilities shall be installed so as to maintain and enhance existing landscaping on the site, including trees, foliage and shrubs, whether or not utilized for screening. Additional landscaping shall be planted, irrigated, and maintained where such vegetation is deemed necessary by the City to provide screening or to block the line of sight between facilities and adjacent uses.

To this end all of the following measures shall be implemented:

A. A landscape plan shall be submitted with project application submittal indicating all existing vegetation that is to be retained on the site and any additional vegetation that is needed to satisfactorily screen the facility from adjacent land uses and public view areas. The landscape plan shall be in compliance with Chapter 15.36 SMC, Water Efficient Landscape Program, and shall be subject to review and approval of the Design Review Board. All trees protected under Chapter 8.12 SMC, Tree Protection, shall be identified in the landscape plan with indication of species type, diameter at four and one-half feet high, and whether it is to be retained or removed with project development;

B. Existing trees and other screening vegetation in the vicinity of the facility and along the access roads and power/telecommunications line routes involved shall be protected from damage, both during the construction period and thereafter. To this end, the following measures shall be implemented:

1. A tree protection plan shall be submitted with building permit or improvement plan submittal in accordance with Chapter 8.12 SMC, Tree Protection. This plan shall be prepared by a certified arborist and give specific measures to protect trees during project construction;

2. Grading, cutting/filling, and the storage/parking of equipment/vehicles shall be prohibited in landscaped areas to be protected and the dripline of any trees required to be preserved. Such areas shall be fenced to the satisfaction of the Planning Director or Design Review Board, as appropriate. Trash, debris, or spoils shall not be placed within these fences nor shall the fences henceforth be opened or moved until the project is complete and written approval to take the fences down has been received from the Planning Director; and

3. All underground lines shall be routed such that a minimum amount of damage is done to tree root systems;

C. All areas disturbed during project construction other than the access road and parking areas required under SMC 17.130.170 shall be replanted with vegetation compatible with the vegetation in the surrounding area (e.g., ornamental shrubs or natural brush, depending upon the circumstances) to the satisfaction of the Planning Director;

D. Any existing trees or significant vegetation that die subsequent to installation of a tower shall be replaced with native trees and vegetation of a size and species acceptable to the Planning Director and City Arborist; and

E. No actions shall be taken subsequent to project completion with respect to the vegetation present that would increase the visibility of the facility itself or the access road and power/telecommunications lines serving it.

F. All telecommunication facilities shall blend with the surrounding existing natural and manmade environment to the extent reasonably feasible. (Ord. 1123 § 3 (Exh. A § 4), 2019)