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The purpose of this chapter is to authorize the establishment of guidelines, procedures and standards for the integration of public art into new private and public development and redevelopment projects.

Public art helps make our City more livable and more visually stimulating. The experience of public art makes the public areas of buildings and their grounds more welcoming, it creates a deeper interaction with the places we visit, and in which we work and live. Public art illuminates the history of a community while it points to the City’s aspirations for the future. A City rich in art encourages cultural tourism which brings in visitor revenues.

To achieve these goals, public art planning should be integrated into project planning at the earliest possible stage, and the selected artist should become a member of the project’s design team early in the design process.

Also, public art that is not associated with a development project should likewise be integrated into the City’s overall public art goals. (Ord. 1111, 2018)